Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Monday, October 21, 2013

Home Brewing - SPF 50 (A Pale Ale)

This post is long overdue. With the assistance of the expertise of my parent's neighbor, Mark, a homebrewing event was scheduled in July. Mark scaled a recipe in the style of Sierra Nevada's Pale Ale that we then brewed for a delicious turnout.


10 US gallons

10 lbs 2 row pale malt

10 lbs lite Munich malt

1lb crystal malt 40 lov (color spec)

1/2 lb Victory malt

1oz Columbus hops bittering - 60 min

1oz Chinook hops - 30 min

1oz Centennial hops - at knockout
75 minute mash at 155 deg

60 to 70 min boil

California ale yeast

Fomulated OG = 1.058

Expected FG = 1.012

Expected ABV = 6.00%

Expected IBU = 55


Plus my favorite part of all, the bottles, which I decorated with black-light fluorescent markers: