Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Life Sized Jenga

Vol 3 - Issue 16 of the newsletter. Hypothetical Situation.
What video game would you like to compete in, in real life? I’m not talking you sitting around with a game controller beating other people, I’m talking, you ARE Pac-man (Ms Pac Man?) and trying to eat as many pills as you can, all the while being chased by brightly colored ghosts.
Lesson learned, often things just ARE better when they're life sized.

Jenga Woes - Jenga Knees

Jenga Knees; noun. Knees/ankles that are covered in a mucky substance due to being on the ground intensely playing jenga.

Jenga Knees photo was not taken by me. Jenga knees photo was taken by Heather.

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