Tuesday, July 09, 2013


Victory Field is in Indianapolis! Between catching this game and spring training, I am apparently a closet Buccos fan. Though admittedly I'm becoming less-than-casual; as of late I have been planning my schedule so I can be sure to be home by gametime.

But the Indians being in town was merely luck with timing. In June, I headed to Indianapolis in for work. A friend tipped me off about the game - and so on a gorgeous Monday evening, I saw the Pirates' minor league team play.

Of course, my favorite tourism method anywhere is jogging through the city. Indy is still in the eastern time zone, however my usual Pittsburgh running time did not suffice. When my alarm went off in the morning it was very much still dark outside. I had to mull around for a bit before it was light enough for me to head out.

But here's a funny story. One night I went out to get some dinner. I sat down at the bar and asked for a menu.

The gentlemen next to me was somewhat distraught. "They're out of maker's mark," he said. "They were out of it in Chicago, too."

I laughed. We started talking.

Turns out he works for Metallica's opening act (Baroness) and they were playing in Pittsburgh that upcoming Friday. "Do you want to be on the guest list?" He asked.

"Yes- well, wait. I actually am going to the baseball game that night - so, no. But thank you."

"Don't worry about it. They don't usually go onstage until 10pm. I'll sign you up for you and, what, one friend? How many?"

I laughed and agreed.

So it's the night of the ballgame and my friend Matt and I are watching the Pirates win. I bring up the show and said, "So, how do you think we begin to find said list?"

Matt wasn't sure. "You're probably not even on it."

There was a reasonable chance of that. But what did we have to lose?

We showed up, and I walked up to the booth. "I'm on the list," I said.

"The will call list?"

"No... Not that list."

"Oh.... K. I'm going to need your ID."

I handed it to her. She checked my name, and looked at Matt. "He's your +1?" she asked. I nodded. She gave us our wristbands and our instructions.

We walked inside. "YOU WERE ON THE LIST!" Matt said. "I WAS ON THE LIST!" I exclaimed.

Fun show.

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