Tuesday, April 16, 2013

sweat it don't spout it

The short story is I chose to go to Happy Hour instead of going running. That's what happened. The long story is, next week is Pittsburgh's craft beer week. A bar nearby is giving away tickets to the firkin event. They also have $3 drafts on happy hour. My sister and I went. We had a few drinks, entered the raffle. I went home. I went into my bedroom to get changed. All of my workout bras are at my parents' house in the laundry. It was the lace I had on or a strapless. I'll let the reader decide that one. I unpackaged my new iPod arm band (rest in peace, old arm band from 2007). I started to run. Fifteen minutes into it, I turned down Perrysville Avenue and saw the storm clouds to the North. I didn't hesitate. I turned back home and sprinted. I sprinted down Bronx ave, I sprinted onto Princeton, and up Carlisle. If you haven't been on Carlisle, it's roughly a brutal 22% grade. I sprinted. The rain began.  Panting, drenched, I got home. And saw my neighbor's back car windows were down. "ARE YOU KIDDING ME", I yelled. I have no idea which neighbor's car it was. The back window had the family decals on it - roughly six kids and a cat. In my head I start ticking off which houses have children. So I start knocking on doors. In the thunderstorm. Finally a woman answered a door - beer in hand - all coming full circle. "Is that your car?" "Yes." I'm pretty sure she thought I was going to say I hit it. "Your back windows are down." "Okay." No thank you offered. My mum later suggested it was probably because I looked like I was trying to participate in some awful wet t-shirt contest.  So I got in my car and went to the gym. I am sorry, Perrysville Avenue, for anyone who saw me sprinting in improper running attire. I am sorry, calves, for sprinting up that miserable, painful incline. But mostly, I am sorry, God, for not running and going to Happy Hour instead. My lesson is learned.

Now a stink bug is flying around my head. And the formatting on this post isn't working and I'm not arguing any more so it is one giant run on paragraph. For the two of you who regularly read this blog you will just have to deal. I am tired and smelly and soaked in sweat and rain.


Allie said...

haha, one of the best #smellycarinne stories yet!

Another lesson one could learn from this: check the weather BEFORE you run....

Anonymous said...

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