Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Haughtiness in Hoppiness

On St. Patrick's Day I often find happiness in green beer that comes in the form of Miller Lite.

Unfortunately this year there were a number of negative tweets flying around about green beer drinking. 

@BeerAdvocate: PSA: Friends don't let their friends drink green beer.

@D_I_N_G: If you love beer you'll not make it green.
(Re-tweeted by several breweries I respect and enjoy)

Does green dye make bad beer good? No. Does green dye make good beer bad? No. Do I wish craft breweries offer accessible green beer? Absolutely (Paul McMorrow does present a few here, but they aren't widely distributed by any means). If Miller is the only one that is going to do it, then I will order one, every year, because of its contagious enthusiasm.

Here's something that's been unsettlingly on my mind recently: I am a little bit tired of the disdainful judgement that is seeming to occur in the beer community as of late. Understandably there will forever be sprightly riff raff - I will always make fun of my friend Allie for having her fall-back light beer be Coors because that stuff is crap nasty - but it's jovial. I wholeheartedly support trying every microbrewery you possibly can, but understand sometimes a $1 Bud Light special is satisfying. If it makes you happy, it makes you happy, and you have a right to enjoy it without pretentious ridicule. Educate, offer options and expand horizons, but please don't be a brute.

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