Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The 20-sided-dice

For those of you who know me well, you know I often struggle with making decisions on small, meaningless topics. Most frequently these topics involve where I am going either for lunch, happy hour, or dinner. I will know I want to go somewhere but I cannot decide between two places. These struggles are much to my own internal exasperation.

My coworker has solved this by providing me with a 20-sided-dice. I ask the dice a yes-or-no question, and it provides an answer similar to a Magic-8 Ball (which, by-the-way, there is an app for that). Sometimes the answer is irrelevant to the topic, such as #13, "run an extra mile today," others you are lucky with a flat out "yes" or "no". Then there are even more possible outcomes that involve friends and relatives... Be on the lookout for chaos.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

I Don't Run

Ironically found on my run while training for the 1/2 marathon. Funny. The sticker reads, "0.0 I don't run".

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Haughtiness in Hoppiness

On St. Patrick's Day I often find happiness in green beer that comes in the form of Miller Lite.

Unfortunately this year there were a number of negative tweets flying around about green beer drinking. 

@BeerAdvocate: PSA: Friends don't let their friends drink green beer.

@D_I_N_G: If you love beer you'll not make it green.
(Re-tweeted by several breweries I respect and enjoy)

Does green dye make bad beer good? No. Does green dye make good beer bad? No. Do I wish craft breweries offer accessible green beer? Absolutely (Paul McMorrow does present a few here, but they aren't widely distributed by any means). If Miller is the only one that is going to do it, then I will order one, every year, because of its contagious enthusiasm.

Here's something that's been unsettlingly on my mind recently: I am a little bit tired of the disdainful judgement that is seeming to occur in the beer community as of late. Understandably there will forever be sprightly riff raff - I will always make fun of my friend Allie for having her fall-back light beer be Coors because that stuff is crap nasty - but it's jovial. I wholeheartedly support trying every microbrewery you possibly can, but understand sometimes a $1 Bud Light special is satisfying. If it makes you happy, it makes you happy, and you have a right to enjoy it without pretentious ridicule. Educate, offer options and expand horizons, but please don't be a brute.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Boys and Girls

I can identify with this awkward pre-dating mentality with someone you sort of kind of maybe a little bit like, when you're in the same room, but you're not there together, but you're in the same room so you're kind of there together...

"Most of all, to be neither looking nor not looking at Jonathan, who was looking at me every time I looked at him, which then made me worry that he thought I was always looking at him because what if it was only a coincidence that every time I looked at him he was looking at me and he wasn't actually looking at me always, but only in the moments that I looked at him, which could compel him to wonder, why is this woman always looking at me?" - Wild by Cheryl Strayed

Monday, March 11, 2013

Guest Beertography Blogger!

Beertography - n. a photograph of a beer or beer-related process

I have authored a guest-post on Beertography! Go take a glance & be sure to follow Beertography on twitter to share your beer photos. 

All three major league Pittsburgh sports beertography this year. Quite a success! Plus a bonus at the Pirates spring training in Bradenton, FL!

Plus a bonus pic at Pirates spring training in Bradenton, FL!

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Fries until we cries

One particularly fantastic Tuesday, I received a tweet.

The Bottle selection is
also extensive; this
Cleveland Indigo Imp
had a wax top.
For those of you not from around here, Bocktown is a beer bar and grill with a ton of local foods and a great local beer selection. During Pittsburgh Restaurant Week in January, Allie and I had visited their Robinson location. Posted on the restaurant tables were fliers noting a contest would take place; tweet with the hashtag #frymeasap and you could win fries.

I won the fries. I won endless fries, 'all you can eat' fries, actually.

Bocktown's coordinators for the event e-mailed me acknowledging my "super spudliness", and explained the rules. Three friends and I were invited to Bocktown to eat as many orders of fries as we could, noting, we would "fries until we cries".

Just for the record, these fries are serious fries with serious sides. Check out this menu.

So I sent out invitations.

Fries til you Cries
[ ] Yes   [ ] No   [ ] Maybe

Three yeses were secured.

Reservations were required; we booked them for the following Tuesday. That Tuesday conveniently also happened to be Mardi Gras. As many of you know, I gave up alcohol for lent. What better way to Fat Tuesday than at a beer bar with all you can eat french fries? It's the definition of gluttony.

So we friesed. And we friesed. And we friesed. We friesed with cheese, bacon, and onions. We friesed with gumbo, gravy, and pickles. We friesed with beer kraut, portabellas, tomatoes, green peppers, onion crisps, mozzarella cheese, garlic, basil pesto, dry rub. And we friesed. And we friesed. And we friesed. We friesed until we couldn't fries - we couldn't even cries we had so many fries.

Cries-ing due to Fries-ing

I also ate so many fries that I couldn't drink after 9pm. An upcoming mountain of forty six days of no beer and I couldn't even bring myself to have one.

Mum, being super festive as always, brought a whole stack of Mardi Gras beads and was handing them out to our waitresses. Allie and I ultimately rolled ourselves out of the booth and went over to Target across the way to ramble down the aisles until our stomachs settled.

It was SO good. Thank you Bocktown for the fantastic event. Though I've sworn off fries for quite some time.

Friday, March 01, 2013

Winter Scenes

I love this very wintry photo my Aunt Lynne took of my grandparent's farm. I'm ready for spring in a serious way, though. The treadmill can only take me so far.

30 days until lent ends, 65 days until the half.