Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Anchor Beertography Challenge

In early December Beertography announced a photo contest in conjunction with Anchor Brewing. I've been a longtime fan of Anchor - even before their convival east-coast competition with Brooklyn Brewery in the NFL Playoffs last season. Admittedly, I have yet to visit their San Francisco brewery location - small details in the grand scheme though, I'll get out there. Anyway! I've had a snapshot idea for since I first heard word of the contest - but needed one critical component: snow. The first batch of snow we received before Christmas was really only a dusting. As luck would have it, the snow again came yesterday and it's still coming down. The mission is completed.

Drink up!

Ultimately, I bribed him for it.

Then, my brothers thought they could do a better job of building a snowman. They were right. There are now two things my brothers are better than me at: disgusting (but normal, I'm told) bodily functions and building snowmen. The photo doesn't really give it justice. This guy was taller than I am. So, we bought another six pack to share with yet another snowman. Those snow people are really into Anchor brewing products. Pretty soon we're going to have the same problems that Calvin has.

Happy Holidays!

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