Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Drincoln like Abe Lincoln

I do understand that sometimes we're awkward in public.

This weekend was a bit strange in the birthday celebrations. At the time I didn't realize that New Jersey getting a foot of snow was possibly the most normal part of it all. Since when does the coast of New Jersey get snow before the rest of the country? And lots of snow? Perhaps it being the last season of Jersey Shore really bothers mother nature.

Because of the snow, travel was difficult for some members of the party. Still, Thursday night arrived and was kicked off with some live music, stout tasting, and sub-par pool playing, until the birthday was rung in at midnight.

Friday was your average night - Gangnam style with my grandmother, another woman with a walker (no, I did not drink up at a nursing home), and finally me making shots behind the bar FOR the bar. As I walked back to pour the drinks there I realized in all of my 27 years I've never once done that.

I also put my friend's names on miller lights in my fridge and made them hunt for them like easter eggs - sorry about that guys. You're good sports.

Saturday a balloon animal making man was walking around the brewery and made us the man who had the adventures below. He also stopped back later and asked us if we "offended easily", and gave us a few additional balloon objects. I'll leave that bonus object up to your imagination, but I'll give you a hint, it's also a five letter word that starts with BON. All in all, Balloon Man had a pretty good day. Also we ate rattlesnake+cactus pierogies. Very interesting - they were spicy and somewhat like the texture of refried beans, but I psyched myself out too much about them to enjoy them. I think if I hadn't known what they were they would have been tasty.

In case you were wondering, Balloon Man is still alive and well and oddly not even slightly deflated.

After a ride down the incline later on, we walked on to the filming of a rap music video. I will most certainly share that if we're in it.

Sunday it was 70 degrees. We barbecued. Oh yeah. There were more than a few drinks this weekend.

And lastly, we snagged tickets to the tough Steelers game on Monday night. What a blast, and thanks vets.

I'm detoxing. Sort of.

THANK YOU to my friends and family, from close and far, from sober to drunk. What a good, good time this was and 100% because of your assistance in debauchery. I'm still debating sending an "I'm Sorry for Being Drunk and Belligerent" card to the local bar with hopes that I'm allowed back in tomorrow night.

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