Monday, October 29, 2012

That's Missus Madame Presidente, Thankyouverymuch

This meeting has been called to order.

Unfortunately the only meeting minutes that were obtained are on the photos below. It's not often that stories are meant to be kept as stories, told over wine and kept as fond memories between friends, but sometimes that is the case. I will state for the record gangnam style, champagne, some pin-the-tail, and a healthy dose of sparkly attire were present.

There is still one thing I'm wondering about. Why would anyone write on a vehicle, in huge letters, "THIS GIRL LOVES BRUNCH"? Nancy Drew, feel free to offer insight within.

Amber and I have had many fun years of adventures and hilarious escapades; really the wedding blog post is no where to begin to put it all together. The photo on the left, from what I know, is the oldest picture of us, possibly even the beginning of all of the nonsense. 2005 was a hella long time ago - and apparently an epic year as it was then that I made some of the best friends I have. We'll have to throw on some of those old costumes when we're 80 and lounging around with mint juleps, lassoing whippersnappers, reminiscing of our youth. Congratulations lady and I can't wait to add Saturday night to the list, and I wish you a glitter covered unicorn to ride off into the sunset on. I hope Shane's cool with that. If he's not - don't worry, Kate and I will figure something out.

And PS - yes, I am secretly hoping there is an after party after reception at Sheetz, similar to the photo on the right. I'm secretly hoping this subliminal advertising will spark additional secret hoping.

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Allie said...

Such a good post! Almost made me cry! Cannot wait for the weekend :)