Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Chloe Wedding Story

This is Chloe. According to Facebook, this photo is from 2005 (one of the oldest photos of us). According to math, that would mean we've been friends for seven years. Seven years! Good lawd I can't believe we're that old (yes chica, I said "we". I'm dragging you into the old biddies club too).

Chloe is somewhat of a regular topic on this blog. You may recall her from such infamous posts as the Dating Application, or the Chloe Story, and let's certainly not forget all of the awkward mustache posts. Happily, the Dating Application can be retired* when this weekend my favorite Miss Chloe becomes a Missus Chloe as she will be getting married. Can't wait to celebrate your day with you girl!

*Her fiance has not filled out the application. This is a requirement for the blog to formally recognize their union. It will not be retired until this wedded bliss is recognized by the blog.


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Chloe Johnson said...

Thanks chica! 7 years?!?! Geez Louise, my life has not been the same since my soul-mate entered it in Ice House. So glad you could be part of such an awesome day. Love you!

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