Thursday, June 07, 2012

The Creepiest Little Doll on the Block

My Aunt Jul's favorite holiday is Halloween. She goes all out and is nothing short of spine chilling. If you click on the link on her name, that was her and her friend Kim in their costumes two years ago. Yeah, there's no slacking when it comes to spooky and Aunt Jul.

Previously I blogged about my Aunt's art talents through the chairs she redesigns. Apparently, chairs are not the only items she gives a new life to. As I was drinking my morning mug this week, I opened my email to see her latest art. It was everything I could do to not spit it all over my computer. How creepy is this thing? The daughter of Chucky resides at her home. The hues of the dress almost look like a photoshop desaturate.

The doll was initially so innocent! So pure! Now, like so many nightmares, tragically vile and repulsive.

Bravo AJ! I love your art.

Before & During the Process


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