Monday, June 25, 2012

Someone's been reading too much 50 Shades of Gray

My Aunt Jul pulled this carrot from her garden - she calls it her porn carrot. Ay broccoli bay bay a/s/l? Carrot has swag down on the veggie red light district.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Find A Penny...

While out for a jog yesterday I came across this penny, face up.

However I simply don't think it's irony that I encountered a perfectly shiny, new, 2012 penny, with slashes on Abe's face- all on the very same weekend the Vampire Slayer movie comes out.

It just got real.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Trenton Makes, The World Takes

"Welcome to NJ. Suck it, world." - my sister, the eloquent

I finally snapped a shot of the infamous bridge, which spans the Delaware River from Pennsylvania to NJ. I want a night-time one though. Will have to drag some friends along for that expedition so I'm not standing outside in Trenton past dark bah mahseff.

(added 6/29- got the night shot, after a rather adventurous attempt)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

The End of the K-12 Era

It has been a week of very notable accomplishments for my three siblings and me. While it is not unusual for one of us to have something to at least grin about at dinner, it is infrequent for all four of us to have major events. I would like to highlight one in particular, Nate's high school graduation. Congrats, little bro! Photo courtesy of my Dad (and Happy Father's Day, by the way!).

And although this is not Barson's notable accomplishment in particular, she swears her blog is "back". We'll see. 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Thursday, June 07, 2012

The Creepiest Little Doll on the Block

My Aunt Jul's favorite holiday is Halloween. She goes all out and is nothing short of spine chilling. If you click on the link on her name, that was her and her friend Kim in their costumes two years ago. Yeah, there's no slacking when it comes to spooky and Aunt Jul.

Previously I blogged about my Aunt's art talents through the chairs she redesigns. Apparently, chairs are not the only items she gives a new life to. As I was drinking my morning mug this week, I opened my email to see her latest art. It was everything I could do to not spit it all over my computer. How creepy is this thing? The daughter of Chucky resides at her home. The hues of the dress almost look like a photoshop desaturate.

The doll was initially so innocent! So pure! Now, like so many nightmares, tragically vile and repulsive.

Bravo AJ! I love your art.

Before & During the Process


Wednesday, June 06, 2012

The Stout Stands Alone

Quite like the cheese, who is tormented by standing solo after the Farmer finds a wife, who finds a child, etc, the stout is always the last one standing. The pilsners all go, the wheats are all drank... And there, left, is the stout. If you ask my Uncle Michael, it's because they save the best for last.

Monday, June 04, 2012

500 on Untappd! Legendary

The 500th unique beer, as logged by Untappd, was drank during Memorial Day Weekend. The lucky brew was a Horny Goat as depicted. BTW, you should friend me on that site. AND, not to mention, there is a sweet contest at Beertography that the below photo has me a finalist in. Go to their Facebook and if you like my photo I could win. Woop!

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Bathroom Humor

The Johns - Elton (Men), and Olivia Newton (Women). Ha ha. At Isaac Newton's in Newtown, PA.

Friday, June 01, 2012

The Month of Philly Pretzels

On April 26th the Philly Pretzel Factory gave away free pretzels all day. However not only did they offer free pretzels, but the lucky first customers were also rewarded with a 'golden ticket' of sorts that allowed you a free pretzel every day in May. Pretty awesome, right?

As I've blogged before, I've developed something of a soft pretzel problem. Honestly, I was never much of a soft pretzel eater; that was always my sister's thing. But for some reason, one day this spring I started eating the Philly Soft Pretzels, with a portion of their spicy mustard, and I couldn't stop. It had all changed inexplicably. Perhaps overnight I matured to the age of true pretzel appreciation.

So at 7am on that lovely Thursday morning in April, I waltzed into my pretzel shop, claimed a free pretzel, and scored a free pretzel card. Did you know the pretzel shop opened at 7am? I did, once I looked up their hours. But I was surprised. 7am is awfully early for a pretzel. Perhaps there are those who dunk them in their cuppa joe during the wee hours of the morning. Well then, perhaps it's not too early for the cinnamon sugar pretzels. Then it's like you're eating a donut. Yeah, probably not so bad then.

I held the pretzel card in my hand; I bragged to my friends. May came and I enjoyed my pretzel devouring. The shop clerk learned to recognize me. I definitely didn't go every day; but when I went I usually had a couple of orders from coworkers to pick them up some too. They envied my card and would ask me on most days if I had a pretzel. My uncle suggested I photograph every pretzel I ate. While I seemed to forget to do that most of the time, there are a few photos shown below (bear with my cameraphone pics, please).

Thanks Philly Pretzels! Made for a spectacular May.