Friday, May 18, 2012

Triumph Brewery is Awesome

Well known fact: I love and adore Triumph Brewery. Especially their New Hope location. Love.

Well, my "love" has only advanced as I'd like to propose to Triumph that we "be in a facebook relationship". Yes, I'd like to request the brewery and I be publicly involved.

Recently, to celebrate their accumulation of 5,000 fans on Facebook, Triumph had an event. The first 250 people to RSVP to the event were admitted to an evening of beer and food - all at no charge. Triumph pulled out all of the stops by having a red carpet, a spotlight, a photographer, and free beer and appetizers. To top it off, first 100 to arrive got glasses, a t-shirt, and a gift card.

You would've thought the workers would be annoyed to cater to unpaying customers. Not so, not so at all. They were wonderful. So pleasant - and the one gentleman I talked to was also in awe. "Such a great management staff," he commented. "Most wouldn't do anything remotely like this for their customers." Agreed.

I love that place. Really. I know I've had several blog posts about them before, and my iPhone background has been a photo I took inside there since, well, I got my iPhone. Love. Just had to reiterate. It's nice when a business shows their appreciation to customers.

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