Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pittsburgh Again

Pirate Eat 'n Park smileys & more of the very best popcorn on earth.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Rain Clouds this Weekend

Posted already on Instagram, but check out the face looking down in the clouds (look for the big honker in the top right). I hadn't noticed that earlier, til someone pointed it out to me. Eerie! Snapped this weekend at a party, wished I had my big camera for this one. It's all fuzzy because it's from the camera phone (like all photos of UFOs, bigfoot, ominous clouds, Virgin Marys in pieces of toast, etcetera, are).

Friday, May 25, 2012

My Sister and I Play a Lot of Old School NES

Specifically, Bubble Bobble. This is so our jam it's ridiculous. Why has no one else ever heard of this game? My parents probably bought it in the bargain bin back in the 80s. And boy am I glad they did.

(My parents in the 80s)

(Us now, typically making it a drinking game)

Happy Memorial Day everyone. Much appreciation, admiration, respect, and remembrance to all of those who valiantly have served our country. Enjoy your weekend.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Passenger vs The Driver

Usually I'm the driver but on one particular recent Sunday morning I was the passenger as I ran some errands with my grandmother. As she drove I noticed this mysterious building, roughly a mile away from my uncle's house. I've driven this street maybe a hundred times but never noticed this old cigar factory. Perhaps this needs some investigating. It would be really awesome to clean this joint up and open a coffee shop or cigar bar or something to go along with its theme.

Amazing what you find some days when you have the ability to pay attention.

The sign only reads
TP 331 PA"
The 'MITH's is cut off - I assume it is supposed to be SMITH'S.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Soft Pretzel Problem Gets More Severe

Route 30 is one of my favorite drives ever. Once you're past York, heading westward towards Breezewood, it's simply a very unique drive. One of these days I'm going to stop at each and every one of the weird roadside attractions along the way (Um, Mr. Ed's Elephand Museum, anyone?). In my opinion it's the Route 66 of the northeast.

So, as I frequent this road relatively often, I have become familiar with the odds and ends and have little things I look for. One such odd and end is the man selling soft pretzels out of the back of his truck. Smittie.

Some of you may know I currently have something of a soft pretzel problem. Lately it's like I can't get enough. I peel off all of the salt, usually add some super spicy mustard, and nosh away. I also have a 'golden ticket' card at Philly Pretzel Factory - which gets me one free pretzel every day in May - but that's a story for another day.

Back to the point. I've seen this dude selling pretzels out of the back of his truck for some time now. And I've always wondered what kind of weirdos buy pretzels out of the back of a truck.

Fast forward to the day of the Taste of PA Wine Festival, 2012. When it comes to alcoholic festivals, I have a foolproof plan where if I have a breakfast of pancakes, I am able to keep my composure. So far, it hasn't failed me. I've been festival hangover free since 2009.

As luck would have it, my wine festing compadres decided we should pregame the festival at the White Horse diner. As luck would not have it, at 1130 in the morning, breakfast is no longer served and I am unable to get pancakes.

So what do I get instead? Chicken and waffles. That's another first for me; I've never seen it on a menu. I learned it is a southern thing, and much to my surprise, is quite fantastic. I was quite sneaky and ordered the 'chicken' on the side, so that I could add syrup should the need arise.

But anyway. As we pulled into the diner, there he was. Right next to my chicken-and-waffle-mecca. The man selling pretzels out of the back of his truck.

I gave the pretzels the ol' eyeballin' but restrained myself and headed inside. I hadn't had a pretzel in 24 hours by that point. But if I ate pancakes, just enough pancakes, perhaps I wouldn't want a pretzel.

I was wrong. It was simply a perfect storm. The diner didn't have pancakes; I had no pretzels. Thirty minutes later, all doped up on chicken and waffles, I saunter over to the sign and the pickup. Ted Nugent is blaring out through the windows. And so I cleverly ask, "You sell pretzels... out of the back of your truck?"
Mr ears-pierced, cutoff t-shirt, replies, "I actually can't keep them on the back of the truck. Last week I sold 400 in two hours and had to go home. We've been selling these for eighty years now."
Woah. At $1.50 a piece, that's... at least $600. In two hours. I should consider this endeavor.
So I bought one. To my happiness he put on latex gloves before putting it into a bag for me. I was so enamored I forgot to be all intrusive and to ask if had a pretzel selling license. And as I was simply standing there, two other cars pulled up to order their own (my waffle shake brings all the pretzel buyers to the yard!).

That pretzel was phenominal. And I have learned I'm not above buying one from the man on the side of the road in order to get my fix.

True story.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Triumph Brewery is Awesome

Well known fact: I love and adore Triumph Brewery. Especially their New Hope location. Love.

Well, my "love" has only advanced as I'd like to propose to Triumph that we "be in a facebook relationship". Yes, I'd like to request the brewery and I be publicly involved.

Recently, to celebrate their accumulation of 5,000 fans on Facebook, Triumph had an event. The first 250 people to RSVP to the event were admitted to an evening of beer and food - all at no charge. Triumph pulled out all of the stops by having a red carpet, a spotlight, a photographer, and free beer and appetizers. To top it off, first 100 to arrive got glasses, a t-shirt, and a gift card.

You would've thought the workers would be annoyed to cater to unpaying customers. Not so, not so at all. They were wonderful. So pleasant - and the one gentleman I talked to was also in awe. "Such a great management staff," he commented. "Most wouldn't do anything remotely like this for their customers." Agreed.

I love that place. Really. I know I've had several blog posts about them before, and my iPhone background has been a photo I took inside there since, well, I got my iPhone. Love. Just had to reiterate. It's nice when a business shows their appreciation to customers.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Nightmares You May Have When You're Not Native to NJ

But, meh, I have Iron City as kryptonite to fend off these villains. So I'm doing decently enough.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

be a little bit epic

For an Untappd contest this spring you had to take a photo of a beer from Epic (New Zealand). I got slightly creative, sacrificed a couple of fingernails (sidewalk chalk is not my forte) and sent in the following photo:

To my shock and excitement, I was one of the winners. What did I win you ask? This t-shirt that I can now arrogantly claim defines my creativity and personality:

What can I say? You have to play to win. So flattered to have been chosen - thanks to both Epic and Untappd for a fun contest!!

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Good Eats & Adventures on Cinco de Mayo

A Cinco de Mayo / Kentucky Derby / Dive Bar Derby weekend with Allie, via photos

Based on photographic evidence, my world revolves around pizza and beer. This is not inaccurate. And did you note the avocado & black bean & tomato & feta slice? So incredible.

Friday, May 04, 2012

My Diet Habits vs. My Trainer

I told my trainer my biggest diet downfall is my love of beer- craft brews especially, not just light beers. I explained vodka & diet soda just isn't a suitable substitution.

Last night at happy hour I realized her evil plan. I was so sore I couldn't wipe my nose or put up a ponytail, much less chug a beer.


Sneaky, sneaky. You win this round, trainer.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

So One Night...

three girls have an in house beer tasting. I love the build-your-own-sixpack options in New Jersey. To top it off we went to the bar for a Southern Tier tap takeover as well. Fun times.

The thing is, we couldn't figure out this cap. Toe-dog be a fraidy cat? I assume it's don't be a fraidy cat, but I'm not sure how that is represented here.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Run 100 Miles in March

Angela challenged us all to run 100 miles in March. I did it, but barely - with miserable shins halfway through the month I had to take a few days off. On the other hand, as luck would have it March was gorgeous this year and I was jogging outside more often than not. My best in one day was 7 miles.

Anyway a coworker gave me this 'major award' to commemorate this event. Awesomesauce.

And so May begins with a personal trainer. Five weeks, three days a week. Yesterday was my first session; today, everything from my waist up hurts. A lot. I can barely lift my arms enough to put my hair in a ponytail. Yowza.