Saturday, April 07, 2012

Aunt Jul's Art

My Aunt Jul adopts old chairs and recreates them to offer them a new life. The whole process is remarkably unique. I asked her to give me a few more details and to allow me to post it on my blog. Her narrative and photos are below. 

"My creative outlet is painting wood chairs.  Finding a chair is the challenge as I prefer free discarded chairs.  I have had to purchase a few due to having no medium to work with, but that doesn't ruin my fun because I just go to a local junk shop and they have tons to choose from.  Sometimes I have a theme before I buy a chair, but usually the chair dictates the theme.  I then pick the fabric for the chairs that have covered seats and this sets the color scheme.  The  Mexican was my first chair, and I actually saw the idea in a magazine.  I was hooked!  All the chairs have multiple paint layers.  Some are sponged, some are distressed.  All of them have a protective coating to protect the occupant's clothing.  All of the chairs are named and I only sold one, because I didn't like it.  It was named, "Uninspired."  I also sign all the chairs with my initials, the year created, and it's name.  Last fall I was at a craft show in Mars, PA and saw painted chairs selling for $50.  Mine are nicer."

Aunt Jul is dissatisfied with the chair titled 'Lyric', shown below. The clef is proving to be difficult.

All the photos on this post are what she refers to as 'The Natural Series'. Thank you Aunt Jul for sharing!

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