Monday, April 09, 2012

An Adaptation of Objects Reading Books

If you peruze the links along the side of my blog you will see a selection of the sites I frequent. Some of these I browse for the content, some for the articles, and admittedly, some for the pictures. One such favored link has solidly been posted on the sidebar for some time now; Marc Johns.

I encountered Mr. Johns' work in a magazine a while back and have been a regular viewer since. His 'serious drawings', as his page is titled, are a little off beat, sometimes a little woh-woh ba-dum-psh (my apologies!), but always entertaining. I am particularly fond of his 'Emperor Has No Clothes' series.

It is Mr. Johns' work that had me frantically running around this evening. To be more specific, it is this particular post.

Due to an overwhelming amount of 'busy-ness' as of lately, I have barely kept my own blog alive, much less had time to keep up on the others I enjoy. So when tonight I found myself with a few spare moments, I caught up on Mr. Johns' latest posts. As I browsed 'objects reading books' I was instantly struck with the idea to recreate the scenes he drew.

Now, I've been avoiding the library for several weeks due to some fines that I have accrued. The fines are likely less than $2, but still, carrying cash these days is like having a handkerchief. It's old fashioned (and will likely someday be a word in a spelling bee. Handkerchief, that is.). I remembered I had $2 in my wallet - but each dollar was practically stamped as 'laundromat money' - which put myself in a daunting predicament. Do I follow a spur of the moment idea or use the $2 for its intended purpose?

The clock read 8:02. Both the library and the laundromat close at 8:30.

I didn't hesitate - I ran to my car. I had to go the same way to go to either place; I could decide at a stoplight. I found myself turning into the library.

It was locked! The guard let me in, warning me I had five minutes. I sprinted upstairs! My god there's a lot of Shakespeare! And really, how many copies of Pride & Prejudice does one library actually need? As I sauntered down into the Non-Fiction 811.3 WHI, the lights across the way in Fiction went out. "We're closing," I was reminded. "I'll hurry," I yelled back from behind a shelf. I've never yelled in a library before.

I bolted downstairs with the four titles I could grab (one of them, not even the correct title, but it was all the Proust they had, I swear) and handed my books to the librarian wearing latex gloves.

"Latex? New thing around here?" I asked, wondering if I should follow suit when I borrow books.

"No, I just like it," she said. I looked over behind the counter. I don't think she was joking - I realized none of the other librarians were wearing latex. I second guessed myself then - perhaps I should have chosen the laundry path. Speaking of which - what time was it? As I looked at my watch she handed me my checkout slip - an April miracle - she didn't hound me for my overdue change! Hallelujah! I had four minutes to get to the laundromat.

A short while later I had both books and clean pajamas. And the photos are below. And that was my Monday.

Bananas reading Shakespeare

Frying pan reading Walt Whitman

Electrical outlet reading Prost (the only title my library has, which doesn't match the original drawing. It's in French though! A for effort, if I don't mind grading myself).

Chair reading Jane Austen

And one of my own - Wine club reading Tolstoy, which fell over as I was photographing it. Perhaps wine club needs to focus a little more on Tolstoy and a little less on vino.

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Marc said...

I love it, Carinne! I love the photos and your description of your frantic Monday evening. Absolutely wonderful and fun.