Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Three weekends ago Dr. Ali talked me into doing some pottery with her. I was a bit hesitant but eventually agreed. The option for the day was to paint a pre-prepared piece, and they'd glaze and fire it for you.

After much consideration I chose to do a butter dish. This was for two reasons: first of all, I really need one, and second of all, when are you ever 'blown away' by a butter dish that you simply have to have? I've never fallen in love with a butter dish before, and figured it would effectively solve the problem of butter roaming waywardly in my fridge.

The painting process itself was extremely relaxing. I did feel quite amateur, especially when others came in and were painting murals on their pieces - not to mention Dr. Ali's skillful, even paint job. But, true to form, a mother thinks her own work is best and I am quite proud.

Although it looks like a small child did this artwork, this piece is very functional in my house.

The other awesome thing about this pottery place is there's a Thursday night BYOB ladies night that sounds incredible. Some wine and some paint, what could go wrong? I'm game to experiment.