Sunday, February 19, 2012

Four Pours & Seven Cheers Ago

Happy President's Day! In the next installation of holiday drinking ideas (see the past pumpkin beer, or the green beer experiment) here are a couple of beverages and fun facts to help you celebrate and honor our presidents. Hail to the cheifs they're the cheifs and they need hailing!

Fun Facts:

James Madison, the fourth president of the United States, suggested there be both a National Brewery and a Secretary of Beer. I will be accepting all write-ins on the ballot for this position if it ever comes to fruition.

George Washington wrote down his recipe to make beer. Check out the outcome from a homebrewer who recently made General Washington's personal beer recipe.

Franklin Pierce (who somberly died of cirrhosis), is rumored to have said "There's nothing left but to get drunk," after not being nominated for re-election.

Rutherford B. Hayes, with influence from his wife, banned alcohol from the white house during his term, although it was not strictly adhered to.

Prohibition was initiated via the Eighteenth Amendment to the US constitution, under Woodrow Wilson's term.

According to Wikipedia, it was illegal to homebrew a beverage with an alcohol content > 0.5% until 1979, when Jimmy Carter signed the bill repealing these restrictions.

Some Brews & Beverages to be festive with:

- Yards Brewing - George Washington Tavern Porter, Thomas Jefferson Tavern Ale
- Wardland Brewing - Homebrewer, I believe, but maybe he'll share - John Adams Braintree Ale
- Are you a homebrewer? Try out the John Q Adams Patriot Ale recipe.
- Feel free to drink any of these brews in a William Henry Harrison beer stein.
- Rolling Meadows Brewery - Lincoln Lager
- Rusty Truck - Taft Draft Toffee Porter
- Go have some drinks and dinner at the home of Warren G. Harding
- Swamp Head Brewing - Roosevelt
- Does anyone use myspace anymore? Regardless, feel free to check out Wasted Wine's song Harry Truman on their myspace page. It could add some nice ambiance to the room while you're trying all of these presidential beverages. Also note if you peruse iTunes, you can find all kinds of songs you've never heard of about presidents.
- Reportedly, if you order a Nixon at a bar, it is whiskey & citrus soda.
- Why not start a gift giving tradition? Offer this Bill & Hillary set to your politically appreciative drinking buddies.
- You can check out our current president having a beer on the White House's flickr account, but you've already missed out on the Obamagang Inauguration Ale.

Worst case scenario just dust off your three piece suit, drink something on the rocks in a scotch glass, and barrel around making executive decisions. Happy President's Day!

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