Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Guidette Tax Form

EZ FORM - Doc # 6U1D3773
Individual Tax Form
Gui D. Oh, Governor
Please return form along with any applicable tax paperwork. If the documentation necessary to reconstruct the values presented on this form was not maintained properly please submit a sufficient representation of your purchases and exemptions through form TwitFa, the form used to generate a comprehensive summary of activities through an investigative analysis of social media updates.

Please print or type in indelible ink.

Name (Last, First)  ____________________________________________________________
Address ___________________________________________________________________

If filing a joint return please clearly identify your relationship and the identity of the other person. Please note this will also be included on the e-filing system and will be included in any/all relationship background checks as requested by potential suitors.

Name _____________________________ Relationship ___________________________
Any known relationship complications/disputes/STDs  ___________________________________

Income                                                                                    Wages, Salaries, Tips            $__________________________
                                                                  Misc. Income from Sugar Daddy / Mama            $__________________________
                                                             Amount saved from drinks received for free            $__________________________

Taxed                                                                                        Snooki Tax                         $__________________________
                                                                                                 Botox Plan                        $__________________________
                                                                                                Tanning Tax                        $__________________________
                                                                                               Bouncer Tax                        $__________________________

Exemptions                                                                             Blowout Maintenance             $___________________________
                                                                                                 Tanning Tax Break             $___________________________
                                                                                                  Cab Fares                        $___________________________

Please calculate the total taxes spent. If this is more than your body weight, please subtract the difference and that is your refund. If it is less than your body weight, please use the following calculation to determine how much you owe.

[Body weight – taxes paid]*[amount you can bench press] = amount owed

Would you like to donate a portion of your refund to the endangered leopard print clothing fund?            Y [ ]   N [ ]  $____________
Would you like to donate a portion of your refund to fund the free Taxis on Tuesdays organization?          Y [ ]   N [ ]  $____________

Please sign that all information is true to your accurate memory.
_________________________________________________ Date (MM/DD/YYYY) _________________________

Please have one additional person, one who witnesses your activities and may reliably vouch for you, review the following:

To my knowledge, this form accurately displays the total drinks received and expenses otherwise required to establish and maintain a guido/guidette lifestyle.   Y [ ]    N [ ]

Signature: _________________________________________ Date (MM/DD/YYYY) __________________________

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