Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Postman Wisdom

Things I learned from the man who works for the post office. He told me this while I was waiting for my car to get fixed. He also was waiting for his car to get fixed.

1. Dogs have a thing for people wearing blue. If you're wearing blue it really irritates them. That's why they dislike postmen so much.
2. You can't wear sunglasses if you're a mailman. Dogs see their reflection in the lens and they think you're a dog so they attack. Plus if you're wearing blue it's a double whammy.
3. Once, he punted a dog for attacking.
4. Instead of waiting for your car you can go to the bar across the street. You'll probably need a ride home though. Last time he was here getting an oil change he went to the bar across the street and had a few too many. Then, he needed a ride home. This time he decided not to go to the bar.
5. It sucks to deliver mail in the snow. Usually you can walk through yards as shortcuts. When it's snowing you can't. You have to go the whole way around the sidewalk. "It's up to your knees sometimes!" He said.
6. The only radio station he gets in his mail truck is rap.
7. All of his current car problems were covered under his warranty.

Happy Holidays postman. I will not be giving you my address. I will be wary about wearing sunglasses near dogs in the future.

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Allie said...

How do you get started talking to these people? Crazy mailman!