Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Awkward Moustache Spreads Through Legal Issues

I was selected to be a juror last week. In the jury room, we talked about pretty much anything and everything except the trial (because you are not allowed to talk about the trial).

So I say, "Has anyone heard of the awkward moustache?"
And they say, "No."
So I explain the story of the awkward moustache. How Chloe would do it in college. So they laugh.
One juror, later, did it during a game of UNO (during another break).
One juror, liked it so much, that she told her husband about it. They now awkward moustache at home. They also plan to use it as a secret code at parties. 

And so, awareness for the awkward moustache spreads. 

I spent the whole week in Trenton. By daylight, you can walk around the streets and be safe. Cute cafes and shops are all around. So sad that it's so unsafe at night. What an eclectic community it could be. 

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