Wednesday, December 07, 2011

27 is not too old for a surprise party

And a surprise party at a bowling alley, nonetheless. We had both the casual lanes (bowled <100) and the adult league ( >100). I happily was a casual bowler. When I was younger I would say, if my average bowling score reflects my life span, I don't have long to go. I really am that awful. Surprisingly enough, I have had a miraculous improvement without practice -- I never once got a gutter ball in both the first and second ball of one turn (no Dad - we didn't have the bumpers up. But we did contemplate it). I even got one strike and a couple of spares. Success! Happy Birthday, Liz!

House Balls  & Brews (a bar with 60 beers on tap after bowling! Fantastic! Photo on the right taken by Ms. Allie)

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