Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Korean BBQ Birthday

The JLo family took me out the local Korean Barbeque joint this weekend as a late birthday celebration. Of course I was ecstatic - although a bit pricey, Korean BBQ is exceptionally tasty and very unique. The main meat, bulgogi (beef), is prepared on a charcoal grill right in front of you. It's not quite like the Japanese hibachi, but a little bit similar. You then take the cooked meat and place it on a giant leaf of lettuce along with a purple rice with beans, sauce, and any of the multitude of vegetables that are placed in front of you. The leaf is then rolled like a burrito and you nosh. It's incredible.

In addition to the lettuce burrito there are more side dishes than we can ever finish. I'm not sure entirely what everything is but there were turnips, kimchi, pajori (a green onion salad with almost a wasabi/soy-esque dressing), a lettuce salad with a spicy sauce, vegetable patties, a fish, and a huge soup with dumplings, rice patties, and noodles - all of which I enjoyed immensely. Deliciousness.

And for the record, Thank-You in Korean is 감사합니다 (pronounced kam-sah-am-ni-da). Be nice to your waitress when you test it out.

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