Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wanted: Nancy Drew

You may recall that lately there has been a bit of a glowstick problem here in Trenton, New Jersey.

Due to recent events, outlined as follows, the glowstick saga has escalated from something of a curiosity to a full fledged mystery.

Today, I was casually minding my own business. This jet lag has me in a constant lethargy where I am cranky, tired, and/or complaining about being cranky and/or tired. Then I checked my mail.

Inside was a box, addressed to me! And it's not even my birthday. Then I looked closer.

24 Glow Sticks, ha ha, very funny. Prankster.

Inside of the box was another box. Also labeled as glow sticks. More of them.

Total I received twenty-four (24) glow sticks, one for each hour in the day. Awfully convenient.

Neither a note nor a receipt was included in the box. Nothing but the glowsticks. I became a girl alone with her glowsticks. The return address was Woot, which after some investigation, had a glow stick sale (note sale, not FREE) on 06Oct2011.

If you were to read the comments on the Woot! site, other Woot users were very excited to have glow sticks. Their multi-purpose function includes having a 24 hour rave, for inclusion in your Zombie apocalypse kit, or for possibly being a Lite-Brite for Halloween. The users also note "it is not the size of your glow stick, but rather how you use it."

Most of the comments on the Woot site are very informative and have completely increased my awareness regarding the functionality of glow-sticks. Perhaps my initial mockery of glowsticks was unfounded and should be rescinded. At this point I believe I owe the shipper a thank-you, for forcing the glowsticks into my life and ascertaining knowledge of their purposes.

Still, the underlying mystery --- Who sent these?!?!?!

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