Friday, October 21, 2011

München, Germany

I don't know if it was my extreme exhaustion or if the railroad was just a lullaby, but I slept wonderfully on the train. Eleven hours flew by like nothing and the next thing I knew we would be arriving in München in ten minutes.

Munich (München) had lockers. We stored all of our stuff and headed outside.
It was a chilly day, but Munich is beautiful. We toured the city and expected it to stop being so charming but it never did. We got breakfast, shopped, and had a few beers at the Augustiner brewery (which starts serving alcohol at 9am). We learned the hard way what a Radler is - beer plus lemon soda. Blech.

Jonaid bought a beer stein, and we headed back to Frankfurt to catch our plane home. Auf Wiedersehen.

And that is a wrap.

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