Monday, October 03, 2011

Grounds for Sculpture

Finally! For the first time since I've moved to New Jersey I visited the Grounds for Sculpture. It's been on my to-do list for awhile. For my birthday last year, JLo and I swung by the famous Rat's Restaurant, which is connected to the grounds, but viewing the artwork is a separate admission. 35 acres of artwork, $12 to tour. I missed a BOGO coupon in Feb on Groupon, bummer.

My friend Tyler grabbed a map but sometimes I find maps to be stressful. I spend too much time figuring out where I'm going and focused on what's next that I forget to enjoy what's around me.

We came across a pond near a gazebo with my kinds of beverages. The rain had washed down the insides of the glasses, turning the reds and whites into hues. I don't know if these glasses are there year round or if people left them there (they do serve alcohol in the park), but I liked them. Especially with the lillipads in the background, so beautiful.

A wedding was taking pictures here. It would be lovely to get married here.

We encountered some really cool stuff,

Lots of secret passageways, [you have to keep your eyes open because art is everywhere]

And some very disturbing stuff. But I suppose that's what good art is - it makes you feel.

Also - please do not forget rule #15 - Do not disturb or chase the peacocks.

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