Friday, October 14, 2011


I have so much to say yet so much jet lag. Please be patient with my fragmented posting. Lots of stories, I just want to tell them correctly. And 500 photos to go through (only 500?) and a couple of pretty terrible videos.

To begin with the beginning, check out how much of a great job I did at packing (don't mind if I do pat myself on the back). The shoes are on top so you can gauge the size of the bag.

Quite a few hours before we needed to leave I was all ready to go. Triumph brewery posted on Twitter that their Pumpkin Ale was on tap. I decided to swing by because I know that brew gets kicked fast and I was worried it'd be gone before I got back. Due to time, I wasn't able to go to the New Hope location so instead I headed to the Princeton branch. It was the first time I'd ever been there. As I walked in, I couldn't help but notice the huge flag.

Likely for Oktoberfest, but I pretended it was a "sign". Please don't mind the grainy cameraphone pictures in this post.

I was somewhat concerned before going on this trip I'd do drunk postcarding. I have a bad habit of drunk e-mailing but my phone stayed in the states and I didn't bring a computer. However I think I kept the postcarding under wraps. If you get a wayward message, my apologies...

And my last note before I go to bed (yes... 9pm on a Saturday...), our hotel in Germany had the multi-purpose liquids that Jonaid is so fond of. Last year he bought a bottle of shower gel + shampoo + conditioner and was so impressed with it that he wondered what else could come as a multipurpose liquid. Subsequently for Christmas JLo received a bottle of miracle gel. Anyway, he was pretty stoked that "eighteen-in-one", as we fondly call it, was included in the German hotel room.

And now, goodnight. More later.

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