Monday, October 31, 2011

Dracula Voice

Dracula Voice
A Refresher Training

Dracula Voice, noun. A voice you use when participating in vampire events* and/or celebrating Halloween Holidays.

*Vampire events = Bram Stoker. Vampire events do not = Stephenie Meyer.

Ws = Vs (what = vat)
Th = ignore the H (three = tree)
Roll the Rs (Drinking = drrrinking)
Laugh like the count on Sesame Street (Bev: So I said, have some cheese with that whine!   Dracula: A ha ha!)

Quick Handbook:
Common pickup lines: Vat are you drrrinking?
When asked to count things (ex, trees in the forest): Van, tvu, tree, a ha ha!**
**It is appropriate to laugh, a ha ha, in otherwise awkward places.
Beverages are sold in terms of blood alcohol content, that is, you can order a pint of blood (O, A, B, AB, all either + or -) at varying degrees of blood alcohol levels.

Practice Problems: How would you handle this situation?
Bartender at Vampire Bar: Vat are your drrrinking?
Carinneicula: A pint of the AB+ on tap, please.
Bartender at Vampire Bar: How many?
Carinneicula: Van -- err, tvu -- er, tree. A ha ha.

Mouse ears at work.

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