Friday, October 07, 2011

Deutschland Drama

Five minutes after I got out of the taxi upon arrival in Germany a woman spotted me and started screaming as if I were going to get hit by a car. I turned around, and was in a bicyclist's path. After stepping aside, the woman proceeded to talk to me in rapid German. After a few minutes, she paused and I realized she had asked me a question. I politely explained Iche spreche nicht Deutsch, I don't speak German. It didn't even phase her - she just continued on.

After she pointed at my pocket I showed her the contents - my camera. She babbled on again, and after repeating herself three times I realized she wanted me to photograph her. I obliged. Now that she had her photo, she started talking about her parents. Her face swelled up with pride and from what I gathered it seemed her dad would walk the streets singing. At this point, JLo came to my rescue. We wondered if she was a beggar, but she didn't smell bad, she had a cup of coffee, seemed clean, and appeared to be waiting for the bus. All during our conversation she was greeting others walking on the street as well and it seemed she knew them. Not sure.

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