Saturday, October 15, 2011

47 about the other 47

DrinkLocalWine has a contest to use 47 words (only 47) to describe the wine splendor of the other 47 states - excluding Cali, Wash, & Oregon. Here's my entry.

I’m not a native to New Jersey but I’m a native to wine. To familiarize myself with my new state I picked up a wine passport. From merlot in the mountains to chambourcin at the coast, I found New Jersey’s scenic beauty and proudly became a locopour.

It was a good year for NJ wine! JLo and I saw the entire state in a period of nine months, and I think as everyone knows, reviewed every winery and even sent out screw cork awards. Sounds like today will be a Shiraz Saturday. Probably better to stay inside, away from this wind and all anyway.

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