Monday, September 12, 2011

Smellyboyfriend & Edamame Envy

Homemade edamame this weekend. Amanda's favorite sushi parlor had an incredible chili and garlic edamame - truly fantastic. Unfortunately I have yet been unable to find any sort of replicate here in NJ. With a bit of experimenting I made it so that even JLo enjoyed it. I can't wait to exercise some flavoring license and try some new ideas. Yummmm.

Hypothetical of the Week: Which would you choose to have as a pet?

a)      Clifford (the big red dog!)
b)      Gary (Spongebob’s snail)
c)      Bullwinkle
d)      Felix the Cat
e)      Iago (Parrot from Aladdin)
f)       Klaus (the goldfish from American Dad)

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