Friday, September 23, 2011

Screw Cork Awards - Maryland Wine Edition

Yesterday's post was the overview. But I think what we're all a little excited for are the --

      2011 Screw Cork Awards 
                                    [Maryland edition]

[for background click here] We scouted our top awards throughout the day, and without further adieu, here they are.

The Group Favorite - Perigeaux - some of the best wines accompanied with the best wine tent host we had all day. Thank you very much Brenda F!
Best Label - Boordy Vineyards - 2nd year in a row
Best Value - Penn Oaks - Fantastic prices on good bottles
Most Unique Wine - Orchid Cellar's Hunter: It was made with Hot Peppers. Enough Said.
Jonaid's Pick - Port of Leonardtown - Maybe influenced because his wine got poured by the Captain. Loved the uniform code here, everyone wore sailor's hats. Jonaid was on a mission to find an apple wine; after scouting all day the McIntosh here was JLo's final choice. Plus he just felt comfortable with the atmosphere.
Most Welcoming - Mark Cascia Vineyards - the gentlemen who helped us here talked each of us individually and poured a wine to suit all of us. And the Missus Cascia chatted with us as well, a very pleasant experience.
The Destination Winery - Slack - (Winery I Hope to Visit in Person) - Although I'd like to see all of the Maryland wineries, the sales pitch at this tent made this place seem like a great hangout with a stunning landscape. Tied with good wines, it seems unbeatable. Browsing their website, there's a B&B?!? Perhaps someday?
Most Fun - Dove Valley - The Wine Suit. Enough Said. Thank you.

 The Dove Valley Grape Suit and I... A romance

Cheers to all of our winners this year. I'm depressed I have to wait an entire year to experience it again. I'll just have to get lots of bottles and have my own Maryland wine festival. Complete with crab grilled cheese (yes, I'm still talking about that).

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Port of Leonardtown Winery said...

Awesome fun, Carianne! Thanks for the award. We posted a link to your blog on our facebook site—please enjoy!

All the best,
Port of Leonardtown Winery