Monday, September 19, 2011

Pumpkins, Riff Raff, & Random

Fall is here. New table centerpieces of mini-pumpkins on sale locally for $1. Very nice.

The last weekend of summer was completely rambunctious as we attended the Maryland Wine Festival in the pouring rain (but more on that later) and saw fireworks at the York Revolution game. We also started rebuilding the rockwork for JLo's fish tank since Irene knocked the power out for a week, killing almost everything. The tank had to be completely restarted, so we spent some time reorganizing for a re-start. It's been a tri-state weekend.

I wish Blogshopia offered scholarships. Pretty neat but super expensive.

Hypothetical Situation of The Week: Of course you're the class riff raff... What are you staying after school to write on the chalkboard? It can be from modern day (I will not drink wine from the bottle) or your childhood (I will not flick boogars at my sister).

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Barson said...

Yay! Love the pumpkins! Fail, fall isn't til Friday.