Thursday, September 29, 2011

Things I Steal [Oxford Comma, Earth]

Not completely positive about who posted this originally. My friend Brandon posted it on Facebook and I wanted to share. The farthest back I could trace this (because it's been re-tweeted and re-tumblr-ed until infinity) was here. Bravo, Oxford comma.

And this was posted by Emily, originally from here.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Handwriting Doppelganger

Wanted: A chalkboard. At least 2'x2', larger also acceptable. If anyone finds one on the side of the road, at a yard sale, etc, I can give it a good home.

Thanks MM for the Skeletini, Spider Strong Cider, and Wicked Remedy! 
Maybe these should be on the Hangover Helper line?

They say that everyone has a doppelganger. Think everyone has a handwriting twin? Genetic twins can look identical on the outside but have very different handwriting. And then there are professionals who can forge writing. I myself mastered my mother's in high school (purely for sport, of course). But I wonder if complete strangers could pass for one another's typeface. You know, the girl in Kansas who has the same blend of print & cursive I have, or... Just thinking out loud here...

Hypothetical situation: Would you rather have to walk into the bathroom of the opposite gender OR dress up like the opposite gender? Please note both circumstances would occur in public.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Really Scary (Meet Spiderpig-Minus-the-Pig)

Spiderpig minus the pig.

Saw him building his web earlier this week and made a mental note to avoid the walkway. When getting the mail a few days later, I walked right into a web - and then panicked. I remembered that I had forgotten about the spider. I shrieked, shook everything out, undid my hair, swept off my shirt, and then looked over. Spiderpig minus the pig was tranquilly on another web next to me.

Spiderpig-minus-the-pig 1 Carinne 0.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Screw Cork Awards - Maryland Wine Edition

Yesterday's post was the overview. But I think what we're all a little excited for are the --

      2011 Screw Cork Awards 
                                    [Maryland edition]

[for background click here] We scouted our top awards throughout the day, and without further adieu, here they are.

The Group Favorite - Perigeaux - some of the best wines accompanied with the best wine tent host we had all day. Thank you very much Brenda F!
Best Label - Boordy Vineyards - 2nd year in a row
Best Value - Penn Oaks - Fantastic prices on good bottles
Most Unique Wine - Orchid Cellar's Hunter: It was made with Hot Peppers. Enough Said.
Jonaid's Pick - Port of Leonardtown - Maybe influenced because his wine got poured by the Captain. Loved the uniform code here, everyone wore sailor's hats. Jonaid was on a mission to find an apple wine; after scouting all day the McIntosh here was JLo's final choice. Plus he just felt comfortable with the atmosphere.
Most Welcoming - Mark Cascia Vineyards - the gentlemen who helped us here talked each of us individually and poured a wine to suit all of us. And the Missus Cascia chatted with us as well, a very pleasant experience.
The Destination Winery - Slack - (Winery I Hope to Visit in Person) - Although I'd like to see all of the Maryland wineries, the sales pitch at this tent made this place seem like a great hangout with a stunning landscape. Tied with good wines, it seems unbeatable. Browsing their website, there's a B&B?!? Perhaps someday?
Most Fun - Dove Valley - The Wine Suit. Enough Said. Thank you.

 The Dove Valley Grape Suit and I... A romance

Cheers to all of our winners this year. I'm depressed I have to wait an entire year to experience it again. I'll just have to get lots of bottles and have my own Maryland wine festival. Complete with crab grilled cheese (yes, I'm still talking about that).

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Marlyand Wine Festival (vol. 2)

Maryland Wine Festival round two. Because my first experience was just that good. And just like last year, we visited every wine tent.

Pulling on jeans, a t-shirt, and a hoodie on top, I cranked the heat as JLo and I hit the foggy highway at the crack of dawn. Fall certainly has come early this year. We fueled up on Dunkin Donuts coffee (pumpkin is back!!) and after encountering a caravan of cars from the 1940s we made it to the wine.

Somehow we acquired rock-star parking right at the front of the gates. The man ID-ing us saw our NJ licenses and commented, "I'm always amazed when I see people from so many different states." Rumor has it there has been at least one festival attendee from all fifty states and some foreign countries. After heading in, JLo got some cash from an ATM that reminded me somewhat of the fortune machine in the movie Big.

To our surprise it started raining. And then it started raining harder. It absolutely downpoured when we were at Bordeleau Vineyards, amidst trying their three chardonnays (unoaked, oaked, and 'very oaked' as described by their WP). And after awhile we stopped noticing.

Last year I wrote copious notes at every tent. This year, we did the wineries in reverse order, I wrote down much less, but for the most part our impressions from last year stood true. Onward to the acronyms: MM = Mum Mum, UM = Uncle Michael, WP = Wine Pourer/Host

MM, UM, JLo, Myself

We reunited with some old flames (Cassinelli's Chocolate Kiss... And Jonaid exclaiming the Jealous Mistress of Knob Hall has "struck again") and came across some new experiences (A 'Festivus' for the Rest of Us at DeJon, Meeting the winemaker at Great Shoals). Linganore Winecellars was proudly displaying the American flag, a sight that is always welcoming. And sipping the fruity wines at Far Eastern Shore had me thinking I could drink that with my breakfast toast.

UM found his namesake's holy-grail in St. Michael's Winery and we concluded if he lived there, Tracy could never get angry at him. Is it blasphemous to say the Saint could have wine communion every day? Perhaps some days in excess is sinful.

We made the best of the rain by jokingly rinsing our glasses out with the downpours. Not bad for a day where my grandmother started drinking at 11:35am (yes, we clocked it!). We picked up a few bottles from our favorite stops, grabbed some Big Zin from Basignani for those who watered plants while we were away at Wine Fest, and hit up a food tent that made grilled-cheese-with-crab. Yes, I said it, a grilled cheese with crab on it. Grilled cheese will never be the same.

Hi Terrapin Station Merlot! I'm Carinne! Let's follow one another on Twitter

We learned some new things this year, like how Orange Muscat came to exist at Cascia as it is their version of a 'sweet wine' to appease the masses at festivals. The kind WP at Harford taught MM the correct pronunciation of Viogner (vee-yawn-yay, if you didn't know. Which of course you did.). I pulled on the great Grape Suit from Dove Valley - very exciting and a fantastic new profile picture if I do say so myself. Jonaid had a delicious Apple Dumpling from a farm stand and my grandmother greatly enjoyed the crafts all around.

A heartwarming part of the day was when we saw a lifesaver mint on the ground right in front of the Little Ashby tent. My grandfather, Poppy, would always give those out to anyone and everyone. As his favorite drink was a chardonnay, we took that as a sign, and marched right up to try chardonnay in his honor.

Another fantastic year at the Maryland Wine Festival. Is it really 365 days until the next?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

273 Days Until Summer

Must keep jogging must keep jogging must keep jogging...
Sigh lazybody.

I hung up a new picture on my wall. It really ties the room together.
Clearly, it has been a very exciting week.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Pumpkins, Riff Raff, & Random

Fall is here. New table centerpieces of mini-pumpkins on sale locally for $1. Very nice.

The last weekend of summer was completely rambunctious as we attended the Maryland Wine Festival in the pouring rain (but more on that later) and saw fireworks at the York Revolution game. We also started rebuilding the rockwork for JLo's fish tank since Irene knocked the power out for a week, killing almost everything. The tank had to be completely restarted, so we spent some time reorganizing for a re-start. It's been a tri-state weekend.

I wish Blogshopia offered scholarships. Pretty neat but super expensive.

Hypothetical Situation of The Week: Of course you're the class riff raff... What are you staying after school to write on the chalkboard? It can be from modern day (I will not drink wine from the bottle) or your childhood (I will not flick boogars at my sister).

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hangover Helper

Waffle Snob Tested - Regret Free
     Now in new flavor Minty Morning
Takes the pain of last night away, so you can sort through your obscene texts, mass quantities of facebook status updates, and drunk dials with a clear head.
   Does not prevent STDs.

Order now and get the second box FREE!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

leiderhosen wanted, inquire within

I ate mac & cheese for dinner tonight. I have a feeling mac and cheese will be dinner for many moons to come... Now being quite broke and such... I bought a ticket to go to Germany in three weeks. I must be going insane.

A chardonnay toast to my grandfather, Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Smellyboyfriend & Edamame Envy

Homemade edamame this weekend. Amanda's favorite sushi parlor had an incredible chili and garlic edamame - truly fantastic. Unfortunately I have yet been unable to find any sort of replicate here in NJ. With a bit of experimenting I made it so that even JLo enjoyed it. I can't wait to exercise some flavoring license and try some new ideas. Yummmm.

Hypothetical of the Week: Which would you choose to have as a pet?

a)      Clifford (the big red dog!)
b)      Gary (Spongebob’s snail)
c)      Bullwinkle
d)      Felix the Cat
e)      Iago (Parrot from Aladdin)
f)       Klaus (the goldfish from American Dad)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Never Forget

Last year Jonaid and I visited the World Trade Center on 9/11. Flowers were everywhere, names were written, and the memorial was still in construction. It was breathtaking. You could see the lights in honor of the towers from NJ.

In 2001 I was a sophomore in high school. In between classes, I was at my locker when Emily, my friend Ellen's cousin, came scurrying up to me. She told me the twin towers had been hit.

I walked to Chemistry, and an announcement on the loudspeakers had all classes turn the TV on. It was surreal. I didn't quite understand at the time.

As Gov. Chris Christie pointed out, if we held a moment of silence for every person lost on 9/11, we would be silent until Monday afternoon.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

too much house hunters tonight

I'm building an ark. With a pirate guard to 'keep all the haters out'. It'll help me get to work, with all of that rain we've been having...

A photo just because...

...and a couple of follow-ups on past hypothetical situations:

Mad Lib: Pick a friend & a noun (person, place, thing, or idea, in case you forgot. Yeah, I know you didn't forget. Sheesh.) 

You make the decision to see a hypnotist to cure your bad habit. Unfortunately, due to budget cuts, your hypnotist is Dr. [friend], who inadvertently convinces you that you are (a/an, as applicable) [noun].


You’re the editor of the newsletter (feel free to strut around for awhile, editors do that ya know). What is your song-of-the-week?

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Sadly True

The original author but found&image from here

'I feel like I'm always sort of killing time, waiting for someone to send me a message like, "oh, p.s. - only you can save the world." I'd nod my head, solemnly pay for my cup of coffee, and be done with life as I know it.'

Saturday, September 03, 2011