Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tanked & Tanked

Friday night demonstrated the love of being "tanked" that my boyfriend and I each share. Unfortunately the word is a homonym in this case - Tanked, for him, the new salt water aquarium show on Animal Planet, and Tanked, for me, with my love of unique beverages.

The show aired on Friday and included so much drama and fishiness (pun intended) that JLo was in his glory. I have to say it was entertaining. 

Later on in the weekend JLo & I enjoyed a trip to central PA for UM's delayed birthday party. It's been a beer-oriented week - starting off with Liz and I visiting Yard's Brewing in Philadelphia.

Troegs in Harrisburg (finally! finally! on my to-do list for so many years now, I saw it in all of its epic-ness. The soft pretzels are inexpensive and so worth it, brewer-made mustard as well, but the microavable pizza? unsure about that). Just make sure you have reservations for the tour.

Blueberries in Sea Dog's Blueberry Beer (the berries rise and fall like a lava lamp!)

And a few wayward individual bottle selections from the NJ store - Mississippi Mud & Southern Tier Creme Brulee. The Creme Brulee smelled like a dessert - to me, something that I could order in a coffee shop. Mississippi Mud was $3 for a quart, so it was our budget buy. We feared it would be the 'mad dog' of beer, but it turned out fairly decent. JLo explained you "pay for the artwork", I guess because the jug is kind of cool. Anyway - are you on untappd yet??

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