Thursday, August 18, 2011


The Hypothetical Situations of the Week have made me famous! Famous!

Uppercase magazine asked for submissions of "top ten" lists for their tenth issue. The "top ten" lists could be top ten anything - for example, the ten best words to say aloud. Ten lists of "top ten" were published in the tenth issue (top ten tongue twisters, sheesh), and my list of hypothetical situations are included! I didn't author this alone, though - Alex is the mastermind behind No. 8.

Anyway - go ahead - ask yourself:

10. Money doesn't grow on trees. What instead grows on the magic tree in your backyard? (Go pick a pack from the bacon bush for dinner, Andy!)
9. The Tooth Fairy vs Cupid - who do you bet on in a fight?
8. Would you rather have a stunning lawn/garden and unkept house interior, or an impeccable interior but messy lawn?
7. Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock?
6. Would you rather win the $3mil lottery or be guaranteed to live until 90 without any health problems?
5. What's the magic word?
4. Would you rather live in Candyland or the Clue Mansion?
3. The producers are killing off your soap opera character, but letting you write the exit. What is your untimely demise?
2. You find an abandoned stamped, addressed, sealed envelope. Do you mail it?
1. Door No. 1, 2, or 3?                                        

So for those of you who follow along with this blog regularly know that every week I post a hypothetical situation after it is published in the newsletter... Lately I've been bad at that though. So here's a recap on the last three weeks.

Would you rather live in a tree house, a cave, a tipi, or an igloo?
Ben & Jerry's names an ice cream flavor after you. What is it? [Some really good answers here... Pinot Gina... VOM (for the lactose intolerant)... Reynoldstrudel...]
Would you believe?



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Congrats! And I think I would live in a tipi :)