Friday, August 26, 2011

The Hurricane Irene Drinking Game

This is in full anticipation of a Hollicane (like a snow day, a hurricane holiday). Best if you drink Hurricane the malt liquor.

1. Game starts NOW.
2. If your mom calls/texts you, drink. And text her back.
3. Every time the news says Hurricane, drink.
4. Every time the news says "state of emergency", drink.
5. Drink if you see a newscaster reporting "live from the scene", but the scene does not have a hurricane in sight (ex, is sunny). You live in a sissy lame state. Drink again for that.
6. Every time the news says evacuate, drink.
7. When it starts raining, chug your drink until it's gone.
8. If you run outside and fistpump in the rain, make someone else drink.
9. Every time the you see a radar view of the hurricane, chug until the view leaves the screen.
10. If the TV mentions the town you live in or are residing in, update your Facebook/Twitter status about something non-hurricane related, and drink again.
11. If a tree lands on your car drink everything you have left and stay inside.
12. If you conquer items 1-9 and you still have power, order chinese delivery. You deserve a reward. Tip well.

It's like snowmageddon around here. And of course - this week's hypothetical situation:
SAT Analogy - Werewolves are to Full Moons as [insert your answer] are to Hurricanes

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jessicadaggon said...

werewolves are to full moons as snookie the wicked bitch of the east is to hurricanes