Monday, July 11, 2011

Tour de Slurpia: Free Slurpee Day

So much love for free slurpees.

Mmmm... 7-11 Appreciation Day. To top it off, it was 96 degrees today. Perfect.

[pic] JLo and the epic-sized Slurpee. Super Brain Freeze.

Hypothetical Situation of Last Week:  Of course, you are a world renowned chef. Streets are lined with those excited to eat at your establishment. Your specialty is something you can actually currently make very well. It doesn’t have to be fancy. People like it anyway.

For example, Alex may have Breakfast du Jour – Frosted Flakes tamed with 2% milk, served with a spoon. Or, me – colorful, sugary gummi bears drizzled with tequila, aged overnight in Tupperware, a decadent barbeque treat.

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