Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Stitched Letter & Watercolor

I was inspired by this here. It's a letter that is stitched instead of written. Unfortunately, due to poor planning (read: no time for shipping) and a tight budget, I decided to put together my own kit. JoAnn fabrics didn't have much of a canvas that resembled notebook paper. After about thirty minutes of searching, I found a blue-lined fabric in the baby section. I sewed the pink "margin" and voila.

Embroidery is a painstaking process that I am horrendous at. The words are legible, albeit barely. It was for Chloe's birthday. Next year perhaps I'll attempt "graph paper" and send her some y=x.

It was a crafty night though. I also used some water colors for the cupcake - didn't even paint by numbers! Not bad, considering my most recent art class was roughly in seventh grade. Also, very stress relieving. After finishing this I was so proud of myself I forgot entirely about my long day. 

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Chloe Johnson said...

Love both! Thank you for such a unique and fun birthday gift! Geoff & I spent a day this weekend painting little cards (I just cut the paper in fourths). It was such a fun thing to do--much better than watching tv when we needed some downtime during the weekend.