Thursday, July 28, 2011

Photo Catchup

Epic Rubber Ducky in Amanda's pool

Joker - waterproof cards are wonderful. We played kings, with different rules like swim across the pool, or handstands, etc. A great break from the heat.

Remember the wine tour? Remember the wine awards? Well, part of the Garden State Wine Grower's ociation's award for completing the passport, I received a set of crystal glasses. Excellent!

And on top of it all, Cupcake sent me a T-shirt. A week of wins.

AssAnd last! Hypothetical situation catchups. You have bought a new ship and discover a new land. What do you name the ship and the land that you discover? If there are villagers on the land, what will you call them? Written by guest editors Nate, Cam, and Tom.

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