Tuesday, July 19, 2011

An Uneventful Story

Here's a spooky summer tale, with pictures, but no plot, no fact based evidence, and no storyline, so don't get too excited.

Grab some popcorn, go to the bathroom if you're well behaved, and get your flashlight. You know how those popup thunderstorms roll in as soon as someone says Boogieman. Boogieman. Good ways to guarantee rainfall are to (a) plan a barbeque or (b) start telling spooky stories about dark & stormy nights.

One recent hot summer evening we asked Steve to take us on a tour of the woods. Little did we know, it would end up a tour of witches.

<--- Woods
                                                       Steve ---->

"Back there is the witches' pub," Steve said, "So snag a brew before we leave for this journey." Perhaps the scariest thought of all was being brew-less.

Armed with beer and mosquito repellent, we went forward. Unfortunately, Witches Repellent is not sold in these parts.

"Right here is a Witch's golf ball," Steve said.

It started to get dark. We stumbled upon the lakeside retreat - the weekend getaway for Witches. They have Witch Stitch & Bitch club meetings here. If you're not a witch and are caught here, they skin you and use your hair as yarn. Yikes.

Suddenly, jaws showed up.

And that's all we know. The end. Worst story ever.

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Barson said...

haha, that's a story worthy of barson. terrible, rambling story about nothing. lol