Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Yard & Blog Cleanup

I found this sign posted on the garage side door. I wonder who else is using the lawn mower? One may apply the law of entropy by concluding if the mower is out of order that soon the lawn will also become out of order.

To dive back in the history capsule... I started this blog when I was in high school, sometime in year 2004. Visually it looked like this. Then one day in college I got self conscious, thought my old posts were too juvenile, and I deleted them. I saved them all on a floppy disk somewhere but for the life of me I cannot find that disk. I updated the blog layout; it then looked like this. That whole history is in more detail here.

Last fall I changed the layout yet again. Cleaned out some old posts (but saved them online this time!) and updated the name. The old title was "Live with Kinky Carinne", where Live = live, like a live radio show, not live, like I live in my house. There had been some controversy over that. Anyway I updated the name. I was getting a ton of traffic from people googling for porn.

A few months ago, I made more changes to where you see the current layout. I just am not satisfied. The first two designs lasted me six years, and in less than nine months I've changed it twice. Bear with me as I start making some updates again. I need to be happy with this. I want it to be done and for it to stay put. Lawn mowing the blog (with my broken mower. Good riddance).

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Barson said...

I'm fairly certain I caused the controversy over "live" as I was incorrect. lol