Wednesday, June 01, 2011

June is Photoblog Month

Apparently in 2010 I was extra-super-fantastically-well-behaved because for Christmas I got a Canon Digital SLR. Not only did I get the camera but I got a sweet camera bag that came in a box that printed "gadget bag" on it so many times that my Mum and I just laughed and laughed. Still to this day sometimes Mum calls me and asks me how "gadget bag" is. Gadget Bag loves traveling and the person who best holds Gadget Bag is Jonaid. Gadget Bag has taken on its own personality.

But enough about Gadget Bag and me being a weirdo giving personalities to inanimate objects. So yes, after years of using my parents camera, I finally received my own.

I quickly realized my photos would come out better if I would operate it on settings other than 'auto'. I googled, self-taught, but that wasn't getting me far enough. So I enrolled in a class at the community college.

Allie laughed at me and told me she knew this class was a fake, that I was actually taking a course on Natural Light (meaning, the beer - see the chalkboard).

Anyway, we went over the basics. Yes, natural light. ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture. How you triangulate your settings based on time of day, speed of object, location, location, and location.

There actually is a picture on the top left, it's just "all white" due to my settings. I started at one extreme, worked through the settings in about 30 photos, and finished on the other extreme. All of these photos were taken in a span of about ten minutes.

I learned how slight manual changes can not only photo still objects in perfection, but how you can stop action. Check out the water droplets (the photo I'm most proud of):

We conquered not only settings but then perspectives too.

I was so proud I eventually sent out a photo-greeting to all of my friends with the water shot and the above Purple People Eaters.

It was a challenge to myself to figure all of this out. It still is. The great thing about trees is that you have all day to fenangle your camera; aside from the wayward cloud, they're not going anywhere. In the real world, there is only one cutting of the wedding cake, one blowing out the birthday candles, one chance to make that shot. It's all practice in the end.

Probably the most disappointing thing about the photo class was the lack of homework assignments. It didn't force me to take-home the lessons. Apparently that's in round-two, which starts in August. That class is a portfolio.

Anyway, to keep up with my learned skills, the month of June is going to be a photo-a-day blog with a three-sentence-caption. Only three sentences. I apologize for all of you who are on my e-mail news feed. It's going to be bizzee bizzee.

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