Thursday, June 02, 2011

Coral Crazy

June photo-a-day day2

A starfish showed up in Jonaid's coral fish tank. Typically this is bad news, but for some reason it was OK to keep this one. I love the white contrast of the star to the bright corals.

If you're interested in backtracking, here's an old post showing a bunch of pictures of Jonaid's gorgeous tank.

In other GREAT news, I received a book in the mail today from Joe Robert's entertaining and very educational wine blog.  "Oldman's Brave New World of Wine", by Mark Oldman. It took all of my willpower not to uncork a bottle right then and there and dive headfirst (screwfirst?) into this thing. But I sustained myself, went for a jog, and now I finally have time to read it.

Please attempt to ignore the poor photo quality of my camera phone.

As the book's glossary defines, "Drink Bravely: my cri de coeur encouraging the exploration beyond wine's usual suspects."

And yes, sometimes I do flip to the end of the book just to see what's back there before even starting the beginning. [That's killed many a plot for me in the past.]

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Barson said...

Very cool picture!
Why are starfish bad?
Where do starfish babies come from?
Do I sound like a kid yet?
Are we there yet?