Monday, May 02, 2011

Turdo Vineyards & Winery

32/32. The thirty-second, and final, winery on our list is Turdo (pronounced Tour-doh) Winery and Vineyards in Cape May.

If you're a regular to this blog you'll remember Jonaid and I made the hike to Cape May in December. When we got there we learned Turdo was closed due to selling out of all of their wines. As we pulled in on Saturday, Jonaid began to get excited. "They must just be that good," he said.

The small (and excruciatingly difficult to get out of) parking lot was empty when we pulled in, but filled to capacity when we left. We waltzed into the tasting room and were introduced to the vineyard. The emblem of trinacria was set above the wines. 

The wine owners are from Sicily, and they run the winery together with their son, Luca. I must admit the first time I ever encountered the name "Luca" was in the book The Godfather. I've never met anyone with that name in person, so a fish wrapped in a bulletproof vest kept running through my mind. 

Luca poured our wine - $5 for 5, keep the glass. 

White Wine
Pinot Grigio - did not try
Sauvignon Blanc - did not try
Rosato - "You can drink a whole bottle of it - no headache guaranteed," Luca explained. I wonder if that means low alcohol? Anyway - very refreshing.
Moscato Dessert - did not try

Red Wine
Barbera - Not to Jonaid's taste. He explained it was tart but not dry enough. I thought it was tasty and would be a good compliment to any meal.
Barbera Riserva - Sold Out
Pinot Noir Riserva - Sold Out
Sangiovese - Here, this is pronounced "sangio-veys". Very good - we enjoyed a glass of this while sitting outside of the winery.
Merlot - Tasty, and we even got to try it with dark chocolate. Quite delicious.
Cabernet Sauvignon - 13.5% ABV, yowza. Quite good.
Persara - An interesting blend of Cab Sauv (65%), Merlot (20%), Syrah (10%), and Sangiovese (5%). This had a light finish to me; I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Nebbiolo Riserva - Sold Out

All wines are grown on site. They choose quality over quantity, only allowing them about 1000 cases a year. Jonaid and I acquired some sangiovese and sat outside to enjoy the weather. Zoe, their dog, also met us out side. The sun shined, we had the patio to ourselves.

And that was it. The grand finale. It's all done.

It's been good. 

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