Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day & Wine+Blues Festival

Happy Memorial Day and many thanks to those who sacrifice so much for our country.

This weekend was the NJ Wine & Blues festival where the winner of the Italy trip was announced. I didn't win, but the event was a blast nonetheless. Alex&Greg came out to join for the festivities. It was nice able to show the wines, tell the stories about my passport experiences, and have them taste some of my favorites. She said she's making a blog post about the whole thing so I'll have to hold her to that.

It was swelteringly hot. Meltingly hot. The interesting thing is I tend to prefer dry red wines, but with the 90 degree weather I was downing the ice cold sweet wines with ease.

There also was petitions to allow shipping of wine in NJ. Support the proposal here.

Unfortunately all of the passport wineries weren't in attendance. I was really hoping to see Brook Hollow and some of their Proprietor's Red, but no such luck. We picnicked after the event, brought some cheese, crackers, cookies, hummus, etc, until they kicked us out. Combining wine with the shore and some zombies (more on that later...) it was a great weekend.

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