Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cows & Candylands

In my dream last night I was attempting to hide big brown cows in my Dad's trunk.

The farm on the way to work. Cows are usually outside, but they must have heard about my trunk escapades and started hiding. 

In reality the logistics of it do not work well, but in the dream I was able to comfortably fit two in there. I could have gone for a third but I decided to leave them some room to muck about.

Hypothetical situation: Where would you rather live?

a)      Candyland’s Lollipop Woods
b)      Monopoly’s Baltic Avenue
c)      Battleship’s Submarine
d)      Clue’s Billiard Room


Barson said...

That is quite the impressive feat!

Chloe Johnson said...

Candyland's Lollipop Woods! Candy candy candyyyy