Thursday, May 12, 2011

50 for Fifty

For my Dad's 50th birthday I wanted to do something a little different. Half-of-a-century is pretty monumental but I was struggling in coming up with a creative gift idea.

We'd already decided we were going to do a "themed" party where we all dressed up as my dad - some came as my dad in his frat guy era, some came as my Dad on the beach, my grandmother/aunt simply got shirts with his name screen printed across... Even my beer and my dog got into the game.

But what do you get as a gift? His own wine label, maybe?

Well, that one was already being done by Mark. So that was no good.

It was a Saturday afternoon and I was driving when it hit me. I'd get a $1 scratch off lottery ticket from all 50 states.

So I started collecting. As the day got closer, I asked for some help.

Everyone was overwhelmingly supportive. Sometimes people even messaged me explaining they "knew someone in Hawaii - do you still need that state?" And the lotto tickets started coming in, one by one.

There were five states I just couldn't get. Also, there are five states that do not have a lottery system. So those were homemade - with trivia questions and such. If he got the answers right, he won what was inside of the card (for example, Nate was signed up to clean the interior&exterior of Dad's car).

But still, I owe a HUGE thank you to all of the people who helped me out here. Many of you I know, some of you who are friends-of-family-of-friends I do not know. Thank you to Kim, Shannon, Gina, Frank, Nicole, Tom, Dan, Kate, Amber, Alex, Richard, Trisha, Angela, Chris/Sandy, Glorianne, Emily, Katrina, Karen, Russ, Stephanie, Caitlin, "S.", and a few other anonymous received. Thank you so much.

The big winners? $2 in Connecticut, $1 in NY, a free ticket in Cali, a few dollars in Ohio and... that was about it. Oh and Cam had to clean out the garage. That was a good one.

Happy 50th Papa! The next 50 will be even better.

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