Friday, April 01, 2011

San Ant Hot

Everything is bigger in Texas. Accepting that theorem to be true brought me to last week's hypothetical situation of the week: If everything is bigger in Texas, where is everything smaller? The best answer may have been Greggy's "Alaska, because it's cold up there."

Reportedly, this was the last time I was in San Antonio, in 1989. It would appear I was smaller in Texas in 1989, however then I was well below five feet tall, so Texas through my four year old eyes was much larger.

Photo courtesy of Aunt Lynne.

So this time around, I went back to the Lone Star State with a whole different outlook. Pulling up on an afternoon thick with fog, I encountered the JW Marriott Resort and Spa that would be hosting my trip. Instantly my paranormal light blinked 'on' as the resort reminded me somewhat of The Overlook Hotel. Visually the similarities may be minimal, but large hotels always give me that eerie feeling. I'm too superstitious.

The hotel was also having a photo competition where the winners get two free nights at the resort. Serious incentive for me to waltz around and be touristy.

Moving beyond the luxurious hotel was the San Antonio Japanese Gardens.

Downtown we found the river walk, PBR factory, and a little bit of NJ.

And upcoming later, Jonaid's souvenier. I'm pretty proud.

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Anonymous said...

Your Texas hotel doesn't look like the Overlook. Pinehurst, however, does. Gave me the creeps the one time we were there.