Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter, Eggs of Doom, and Hypotheticals

Happy Easter. I love late easters - warm weather, flowers, full contact egg hunts in skirts and church clothes, blasting the Hallelujah chorus with the car windows down, and the like.

Or, doing a power hour out of fake plastic eggs. And we measured this with a shot glass - the large side of the egg is exactly one shot. It's regulation size.

It's also a great season because of Eggs of Doom. Way back in the college days Liz and I would put can tabs in plastic eggs and launch them across the hall at one another. The plastic egg would usually split open on impact and the can tabs, aka shrapnel, would fly everywhere. Anyway this week in the mail I got a nice big package of Eggs of Doom courtesy of Liz. 

And it was so thoughtful of her - in addition to the eggs of doom was some fake yellow grass, which I was artfully able to weave into a nice toupee.

Anyway, just a few quick bullet points & double dose of hypotheticals:
- Last week I got $21 of groceries for $7. It's a slow beginning to Extreme Couponing. 
- I made sushi last week. As I came into the kitchen to clean up the dishes, a fortune cookie was in front of my rice cooker. No idea how it got there - kinda creepy actually. The best guess I have is it must have fallen from the cabinet above the counter, but even then, how a fortune cookie got there, I don't know. I was a bit concerned I'd read the fortune and it would turn out like the movie Big. I read it anyway - "Saints are merely sinners who try harder." Interesting.

- Hypothetical No. 1: So life gave you lemons. And we're not talking about a pansy amount of lemons - it's trucks and trucks of lemons. So when life gives you lemons, what do you do? 
- Hypothetical No. 2: If you find a stamped, addressed envelope, do you send it? Do you read it first? And it's not in an obvious location, like on your countertop. It's somewhere strange, like the side of a road, or an abandoned car, etc. 
- Lastly, I tried some new food this week including Shark Fin and Sea Cucumber. Interesting. 

Happy Holiday. 


Anonymous said...

You have a superpower. I am baffled. Scroogedrivers? Homemade pumpkin beer/green beer? Easter egg shots? You should write a recipe book. "1000 interesting ways/things to drink that I just made up right now." My accomplishments pale in comparison.

Allie said...

Your straw hair blends in so well! If I had a bunch of lemons, I'd invite you over for some shots :) Best answer ever!!!

carinne said...

haha yess best answer ever.